Charis Gkikas

Charis Gkikas is an architect with extensive experience in the architectural design management of a wide range of residential, retail, office, mixed-use, industrial and hospitality projects of various scales in Greece and Internationally.

During his 10 year experience in the Middle East, he formed and managed the Design Unit for NQP Consultancy Services Co. W.L.L. He was appointed Design and Development Manager of QGRICO Real Estate Company and was employed by Qatar Petroleum Company as Head Architect for Tower 10 at Qatar Petroleum District Project.

Charis Gkikas is a certified architect in Greece, France and Qatar.

From concept to implementation

“When creating a building, you envision it. You imagine its premises step by step. You map the particularities of the natural environment in which it is encompassed. You note down the needs of the people who will inhabit it. How will they enjoy its atmosphere? How will they live comfortably in it?

When you study it, you need to know how to technically implement what you have designed. How to transfer it from paper to a real 3D scale with no surprises. How to calculate the cost. You need to have the experience to predict its evolution, the life span of the materials and how it will best serve human needs in the long run.

While the building materializes, you are present, in close collaboration with all the specialties required during each stage of the construction. You deal with all technical challenges, monitor the pace and prioritize the tasks. You make sure the aesthetic result does not deviate from what you have envisioned. You work with contractors like a conductor works with musicians when conducting his orchestra, expecting the best result. This is how the project is successfully completed and its architect fulfilled”.

Charis Gkikas